Location Advantages

Ghana has the following unique advantages for free zone investments;

  • Ghana is located at the Centre of the earth along the Coast of the West African Region, thus, has the shortest flight and shipping time to any part of the World
  • Ghana has become the Commercial capital of Africa and an Entry point to an estimated 1.2 billion African market as a result of the siting of the headquarters of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) in Accra
  • Duty free access of selected manufactured products to USA under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and European Union markets under the Economic Partnership Agreements ( EPA)
  • Ranked best place for doing Business in West Africa ( Ease of doing Business 2019)
  • Strategic and central location within West Africa provides access to the ECOWAS market with an estimated population of 400million people
  • A stable political environment within the West African sub region, with established democratic institutions and systems to ensure good governance of the country
  • Ghana has an aggressive government policy aimed decentralizing industrial development in districts under the One District One Factory ( 1D1F) policy
  • Abundant, adaptable and easily trainable labor force
  • A competitive daily minimum wage rate
  • No restrictions on issuance of work and residence permits to free zone investors and employees
  • Excellent sea and air connections with Europe and USA
  • A comparatively well-developed infrastructure i.e. internal road network, electricity and  water supplies, internal and external communications as well as sea and airport facilities
  • An already existing industrial base ranging from heavy engineering to precision industries, electronics, agro processing, plastics and metal work, clothing and textiles, jewellery and wood processing
  • A dynamic private sector willing to collaborate with foreign partners
  • Ghana is a beacon of political stability, peace and rule of law in West Africa
  • A high degree of personal safety
  • A truly hospitable people