If you are looking beyond the horizon for where to locate your business, then you are at the right place Ghana Free Zones Board (GFZB). The Free Zones Programme in Ghana offers you a conducive business environment to produce at minimum cost for export.

Ghana is located in West Africa, on the Greenwich Meridian, and is fast becoming the investment destination of the region. Due to its strategic location, Ghana has excellent sea and air connections to the rest of the world, especially Europe, USA and Africa.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the website of Ghana Free Zones Board.

Since the implementation of the Free Zones Programme in 1996, the Ghana Free Zones Board has strived to be the channel through which the export development strategy is achieved. Today, the Free Zones programme is one of the drivers for attracting investments into the country. Our commitment to our clients and potential investors is even greater.

The current Board is striving to lead the Ghana Free Zones Board into a new era with a firm commitment to the vision and mission of the Board to provide a conducive environment for investors. In our journey to become a relevant player, our management structure has evolved to sharpen our focus on the needs of the investor and satisfy those needs with greater speed and effectiveness.

The Ghana Free Zones Programme is attracting investments from leading global agro processing companies looking for the ideal investment destination in West Africa and a premier location for labour intensive investments. Whether you are looking for the right location, expanding into new markets or looking for unexplored opportunities, the Ghana Free Zones Board can assist. The Ghana Free zones Board supports companies to make the most of every opportunity that Ghana offers, from the generous incentives to the abundant and easily trainable labour force.

Investors in the Ghana Free Zones Programme benefit from the ease of doing business, a progressive government committed to the development of the private sector, relatively developed infrastructure and a competitive labour cost. It is our firm resolve to offer the most conducive business environment for a mutually beneficial operation in Ghana.

I take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to continually aspire to providing excellent services, improved infrastructure within the designated free zones and professionalism in dealing with out clients and pontential.

If you are searching for a more conductive investment location, look beyond the horizon; think West Africa and invest in Ghana.

Welcome, Akwaaba.


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